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SmugBee Games is an independent game and interactivity software developer with headquarters in the city of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Smug Bee Games specializes in game design and prototyping across a wide range of genres and platforms, operating as a small group for nimble development and light weight business strategies. Currently, Smug Bee Games offers services in the field of game design including consultation, research, marketing strategy, development and prototyping, design document and project planning. We are also currently pursuing and developing a number of titles 'in house' as part of a growing library of proprietary intellectual properties for future growth and capitalization within the company. Meet the team ►

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Skyline is now available for iOS!

Skyline for iOS

We're proud to announce that Skyline is officially available for iOS!  If you've never played Skyline before, it is a fast paced word puzzle game that challenges your reflexes just as much as it challenges your vocabulary.  This version is complete... Read more ►