Evan Brown

Artist, Founding Member

Evan Brown is a digital artist specializing in art asset generation across a wide range of 3D game engines and interactive authoring tools. After earning a Bachelors Degree in Interactive Art and Design from the Art Institute of Pittsburgh, Evan went on to become a freelance designer and artist. While undertaking contractual work, he was also engaged in a number of independent personal projects in partnership with the other founding members which led to the formation of SmugBee Games LLC in the Spring of 2011. Today, Evan works in conjunction with Kenneth Oum as part of the creative and conceptual department of SmugBee Games, exploring how SmugBee can create innovative and aesthetic art for clients and in house projects.

Chris Chidester

Business, Founding Member

Chris Chidester hails from the world of finance and transactional accounting. After earning a Bachelor’s Degree in Finance at Drexel University, Chris went on to work in the world of mergers and acquisitions where he prepares companies to go through the arduous sale process. Today, Chris works in conjunction with the other SmugBee team members to take new ideas and develop them into exciting games to share with the world.

Dan Johnson

Programmer, Founding Member

Dan Johnson is a game programmer specializing in artificial intelligence and engine architecture. He has extensive experience working with multiple different engines and platforms in all aspects of development. After earning a Bachelors Degree in Computer Science with a specialization in game design and artificial intelligence at Drexel University in Philadelphia, Dan went on to work in an AI lab at the University of Pennsylvania where he develops intelligent simulator training games for the military. He also maintained several personal projects with the other founding members of SmugBee, which led to the formation of SmugBee Games LLC in the Spring of 2011. Today, Dan works with the team to develop SmugBee’s contractual and independent projects.

Richard Mukalian

Programmer, Founding Member

An experienced member of the game industry with multiple released titles. He is primarily a programmer and designer, but is also in charge of keeping the servers running and various other tasks. He has a Computer Science degree from Drexel Unversity with a focus on user interfaces and game development/design.

Kenneth Oum

Artist, Founding Member

Kenneth Oum is a game artist/designer who has a myriad of skills within the field of digital media arts. His work experience ranges from 2D/3D animation, web design, and video production. After earning a Masters Degree in Digital Media at Drexel University, Ken went on to teach at Drexel and freelance as an web designer/video producer. Alongside his various contractual work, he also worked on game related projects with the other founding members of SmugBee Games. As the work went on and chemistry grew, the members decided to make the company official forming SmugBee Games LLC in the Spring of 2011. Today, Ken works with the team to create game art, graphic designs, video work, and anything else that is needed for the wide ranging company projects.