Skyline for iOS

Skyline is now available for iOS!

We’re proud to announce that Skyline is officially available for iOS!  If you’ve never played Skyline before, it is a fast paced word puzzle game that challenges your reflexes just as much as it challenges your vocabulary.  This version is completely compatible with the web and Android versions of the game, so you can challenge your friends no matter where they are.

Download it here:

Skyline HD

Free(HD) Version

Skyline Pro

Pro Version


Also, we’ve got a fun new game mode coming soon that will be available in the Pro version!

Skyline Price Drop and iOS release

We are in the process of releasing Skyline to all IOS devices (iphone, ipad, etc). It has been a long time coming and we are really excited to bring it to Apple devices. As an added bonus, the pro version of Skyline will now be $.99! What are the benefits of pro? Well it doesn’t have advertisements or any other limitations. We hope to release the game beginning of next month, pending approval, so stay tuned smug Apple fans!


Global Game Jam: Pittsburgh Edition

Hey there, Smug Fans! We have been a bit silent of late so we are going to get back to updating the blog!


SO…. what have we been doing? Other than game development (updates coming soon), we have been participating in game jams (48 hours event to make a game). The most recent game jam we attended was in Pittsburgh, home of our beloved artist Evan Brown. This year’s Global Game Jam theme was heartbeats, which lead us down many different brainstorming paths. We decided to focus on the rhythmic nature of a beat, and hence we created a music game called Crescendo.


In this game you play a composer who moves along a river illuminating the grim environment into bright flourishes by creating music. The composer is also being chased by a looming darkness which is trying to engulf him and the world. Your goal, as the player is to get him to the light by creating brilliant music. This is done by pressing the buttons in sequence to the beat, which then illuminates the world, the larger the combo the more the player progresses.



Bonus: Here is also a link to the past global game jam game called Sin-Opus based on Ouroboros:

Sin Opus

Game Jams are a great exercise in both creativity and fast development. It helps to focus on core gameplay and the experience (cool art is a bonus). Also we use these events to experiment with new game engines and techniques. So that’s what we do for fun as a group, but stay tuned as we have some big announcements in the future (psst, its games)!



Local Philly Development Group Takes on Atari

Heads up readers, a local Philly development firm is taking on Pong.

Philadelphia native Island Officials has made it to the finals in the Atari Pong Indie Developers Challenge.  As a Philly-born firm ourselves, we at SmugBee like to support the achievements and accolades of those on our home turf.  Island Officials beat out many other competitors to achieve a spot in the top 7 finalists with a chance to walk away with a $50,000 purse as well as other cool prizes.  Please check out the link to the competition finalists to vote for Island Officials and help them take home the prize for all their hard work.



SmugBee is Jammin’

The 2012 Game Jam has begun.  To our game enthusiasts, the Global Game Jam is probably a familiar topic.  But, if you’re not in the know, a Game Jam is a 48 hour ‘competition’ in which teams take a topic and try to make a game out of it.  It’s a fun way for developers to dust off their rapid prototyping skills and jump into the fray for some good ol’ fashioned crunch time panic!

We, of course, couldn’t pass up the opportunity.  SmugBee Games will be at the Philadelphia GGJ site partying it up the only way nerds can…by pumping our bodies with greasy food, quaffing borderline illegal energy beverages, and staring at computer screens until our eyes are burned out of our heads.  So, if you’re in the area, stop on by and say hello and check out what we’re working on.  If you can’t make it, have no fear.  We’ll be posting our 48 hour product to the SmugBee website once the competition is over.

To all our fellow developers taking part in the GGJ around the world, we salute you and wish you the best of luck.

Break out your crackers and spoons.  Its time to jam!

Official Release Announcement: Skyline


The SmugBee team is excited.  I mean, really excited.  Party hard, slip’n'slide, beer commercial style excited!

We are proud to announce our official release of our first game title, Skyline.  It is now available on both the Android Marketplace and Facebook for your playing pleasure.  Skyline is an arcade style puzzle game that is designed to test your vocabulary and spelling skills.  Your objective is to swap letter tiles around a board to spell words while racing against the clock.  The longer the words or the more combos you create, the better the points awards.  Being fast is key, as creating consecutive words quickly will increase the points in the form of a multiplier bonus.  Tougher levels and special tiles help to mix it up a little, too, and test your abilities.

The game features a fantastic single player set of challenge modes but it really shines with our Multiplayer mode.  You can pit your spelling prowess against your friends and other players online through our game matching system.  You can create or join games with your buddies specifically, or just click ‘Quick Play’ to be matched with someone’s game at random.  And with team games, free for all, and different game modes you really can pick your poison.

Not enough for you?  Well we put together a few challenges for you to strive to get.  Hey, playing games is easy, but what fun is there in not having some nice badges to flaunt.  Skyline will feature 25 achievements for you to be smug about.  These aren’t Mommy’s achievements, where you earn a badge just for turning the game on: We really wanted to present you with some challenges here.  And when you’re done with those, perhaps we’ll have a few more up our sleeves to throw your way…

That’s a lot of game.  I mean, how often do you see all these great features in one package?  And we’re offering  it all for the price of… Free.  On the house.  Gratis.  Play all you want, because we wanted to share our first release with as many people as possible.  SmugBee has worked really hard to deliver something that we can be proud of, and we’d rather see people trying it and enjoying it.

A special thanks to our team, who put so much of themselves into this game and remained so dedicated.  And, thank you to the players.  We hope to see you on the Skyline servers soon!

SmugBee Games… LLC!

Well well well, it appears that it should be about time that the SmugBee check in and hand out updates to any curious surfers out there on the net.

It is official, SmugBee Games LLC is proudly ready to spread its wings and venture into the great unknown.  By that, of course, I mean the great and wondrous world that is Game Development!  While we’re certainly happy, it hasn’t just been champagne popping and dancing around with lampshades on our heads. It’s been a busy few months for the team as we’ve been working away and getting organized in time for our anticipated release of Skyline.

We have seen some fantastic improvements on the project over the last couple of months thanks to the invaluable input and feedback that we’ve received from interested gamers and fellow developers.  The project is feeling more refined, polished, and fun with every passing day.

Recently, SmugBee Games has put forward a new effort to port Skyline over to mobile devices.  We felt that Skyline’s gameplay and accessible puzzle challenges made it’s design particularly well suited for casual gamers who would want to sit down for a few minutes and play while they’re out and about.  Our end goal will be to have Skyline available on both the Android and iOS in the near future.  Wish us luck and stay in touch.


Too Much Fun at Too Many Games

SmugBee Games recently attended and presented at the Too Many Games Show in Oaks, PA.  The turnout was great, the presentations were impressive, and the tunes were jive.  We got a chance to present attendees with a sampling of our current project, Skyline, both in its PC format and its touchscreen version.  Nothing warms our souls more than seeing people sitting down and enjoying our games, so we’d like to give a special thanks to all those who swung by the table to take a gander and chat with us.  We got some fantastic feedback from fellow developers and gamers alike, and even got some suggestions on how we can take this project to the next level.

Since we had so many requests from people who wanted to keep playing Skyline after the show, we have made a single-player demo available on our site. Head on over to the Skyline page to Check It Out.

The show was much larger than expected and we would like to give a round of applause to everyone involved in its organization and execution.  To our fellow presenters, everything looked great and there were some very interesting projects on display.  All around, it was impressive to see so many developers with such a wide array of interesting projects on show.  Our team got a chance to meet to great people, get a hold of a little nostalgia, and even have fun learning the proper forms and mentality to be a Samurai warrior thanks to our friends over at PA Jedi.  What purpose would the SmugTeam have for katana swordplay you ask?  Stay tuned to our site to find out!

In summary, and for those who think the above was ‘tl;dr’, Too Many Games was a great show and thank you to everyone who made it happen and who took an interest in our company.  We look forward to many more events with you all in the future.

-The SmugBee Team

TooManyGames for SmugBee, May 6th – 8th

The first official SmugBee appearance will be at this year’s TooManyGames show at the Greater Philadelphia Expo Center in Oaks, PA.  Come support SmugBee and other developers from the Philadelphia region.  Play some games, share some laughs, and talk development with the friendly SmugBee team.  Hey, we may even hand out some free SmugStuff!

We’ll also be offering some sneak peaks at our current in-development projects.  Its an exciting time for us so come on down and share in the festivities, it should be a great show.  We’ll be in attendance from May 6th – May 8th.

For more information on the TooMany Games Show visit their website here.

Welcome To SmugBee Games

Welcome to the homepage and company website of SmugBee Games.  We are an independent game developer based out of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania specializing in game design and interactive entertainment.  Our mission is to deliver innovative, unique, and fun gaming experiences to our customers and build a fan base for our work as a company.  Above all, we want to entertain and serve as a shining example of what a team of independent developers can achieve when driven by passion and a constant desire to better our craft.  We want our fans to know that when they see the smug smile of our mascot, they are assured that they are receiving a product with a high standard of quality and an experience that will keep them coming back for more.

We encourage you to explore our site and take a glimpse at what we have in the works.  If you have any questions or comments feel free to contact us via the form at the bottom of the page.  We are always happy to hear from curious gamers, fellow developers, and especially savvy investors so don’t hesitate to drop us a line!

And, before you ask, we have no idea why the bee is so smug.  We just make games.



The SmugBee Team