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  • Press the “s” key to skip the intro. Or just wait and see the nice people who sponsored the event.
  • Controls: arrow keys (or wasd) to move. Space bar to shoot.
  • If something breaks, just refresh the page and try again
  • Game Jam: Philly Game Jam 2012
  • Theme: Sin Opus

The game is a tad on the disturbing side, so be wary.  EVERYTHING here was made from scratch in the past 48 hours. The art, the music, the game engine, all of it. Unlike a lot of games in this style, you don’t collect power-ups to raise your power. You can only power up by getting hit by enemy shots. So try to find a balance between health and power. You’ll need to sacrifice to get stronger. The game is currently never-ending, it will play as long as you stay alive.