Global Game Jam: Pittsburgh Edition

Hey there, Smug Fans! We have been a bit silent of late so we are going to get back to updating the blog!


SO…. what have we been doing? Other than game development (updates coming soon), we have been participating in game jams (48 hours event to make a game). The most recent game jam we attended was in Pittsburgh, home of our beloved artist Evan Brown. This year’s Global Game Jam theme was heartbeats, which lead us down many different brainstorming paths. We decided to focus on the rhythmic nature of a beat, and hence we created a music game called Crescendo.


In this game you play a composer who moves along a river illuminating the grim environment into bright flourishes by creating music. The composer is also being chased by a looming darkness which is trying to engulf him and the world. Your goal, as the player is to get him to the light by creating brilliant music. This is done by pressing the buttons in sequence to the beat, which then illuminates the world, the larger the combo the more the player progresses.



Bonus: Here is also a link to the past global game jam game called Sin-Opus based on Ouroboros:

Sin Opus

Game Jams are a great exercise in both creativity and fast development. It helps to focus on core gameplay and the experience (cool art is a bonus). Also we use these events to experiment with new game engines and techniques. So that’s what we do for fun as a group, but stay tuned as we have some big announcements in the future (psst, its games)!