Official Release Announcement: Skyline


The SmugBee team is excited.  I mean, really excited.  Party hard, slip’n'slide, beer commercial style excited!

We are proud to announce our official release of our first game title, Skyline.  It is now available on both the Android Marketplace and Facebook for your playing pleasure.  Skyline is an arcade style puzzle game that is designed to test your vocabulary and spelling skills.  Your objective is to swap letter tiles around a board to spell words while racing against the clock.  The longer the words or the more combos you create, the better the points awards.  Being fast is key, as creating consecutive words quickly will increase the points in the form of a multiplier bonus.  Tougher levels and special tiles help to mix it up a little, too, and test your abilities.

The game features a fantastic single player set of challenge modes but it really shines with our Multiplayer mode.  You can pit your spelling prowess against your friends and other players online through our game matching system.  You can create or join games with your buddies specifically, or just click ‘Quick Play’ to be matched with someone’s game at random.  And with team games, free for all, and different game modes you really can pick your poison.

Not enough for you?  Well we put together a few challenges for you to strive to get.  Hey, playing games is easy, but what fun is there in not having some nice badges to flaunt.  Skyline will feature 25 achievements for you to be smug about.  These aren’t Mommy’s achievements, where you earn a badge just for turning the game on: We really wanted to present you with some challenges here.  And when you’re done with those, perhaps we’ll have a few more up our sleeves to throw your way…

That’s a lot of game.  I mean, how often do you see all these great features in one package?  And we’re offering  it all for the price of… Free.  On the house.  Gratis.  Play all you want, because we wanted to share our first release with as many people as possible.  SmugBee has worked really hard to deliver something that we can be proud of, and we’d rather see people trying it and enjoying it.

A special thanks to our team, who put so much of themselves into this game and remained so dedicated.  And, thank you to the players.  We hope to see you on the Skyline servers soon!