SmugBee Games… LLC!

Well well well, it appears that it should be about time that the SmugBee check in and hand out updates to any curious surfers out there on the net.

It is official, SmugBee Games LLC is proudly ready to spread its wings and venture into the great unknown.  By that, of course, I mean the great and wondrous world that is Game Development!  While we’re certainly happy, it hasn’t just been champagne popping and dancing around with lampshades on our heads. It’s been a busy few months for the team as we’ve been working away and getting organized in time for our anticipated release of Skyline.

We have seen some fantastic improvements on the project over the last couple of months thanks to the invaluable input and feedback that we’ve received from interested gamers and fellow developers.  The project is feeling more refined, polished, and fun with every passing day.

Recently, SmugBee Games has put forward a new effort to port Skyline over to mobile devices.  We felt that Skyline’s gameplay and accessible puzzle challenges made it’s design particularly well suited for casual gamers who would want to sit down for a few minutes and play while they’re out and about.  Our end goal will be to have Skyline available on both the Android and iOS in the near future.  Wish us luck and stay in touch.