Too Much Fun at Too Many Games

SmugBee Games recently attended and presented at the Too Many Games Show in Oaks, PA.  The turnout was great, the presentations were impressive, and the tunes were jive.  We got a chance to present attendees with a sampling of our current project, Skyline, both in its PC format and its touchscreen version.  Nothing warms our souls more than seeing people sitting down and enjoying our games, so we’d like to give a special thanks to all those who swung by the table to take a gander and chat with us.  We got some fantastic feedback from fellow developers and gamers alike, and even got some suggestions on how we can take this project to the next level.

Since we had so many requests from people who wanted to keep playing Skyline after the show, we have made a single-player demo available on our site. Head on over to the Skyline page to Check It Out.

The show was much larger than expected and we would like to give a round of applause to everyone involved in its organization and execution.  To our fellow presenters, everything looked great and there were some very interesting projects on display.  All around, it was impressive to see so many developers with such a wide array of interesting projects on show.  Our team got a chance to meet to great people, get a hold of a little nostalgia, and even have fun learning the proper forms and mentality to be a Samurai warrior thanks to our friends over at PA Jedi.  What purpose would the SmugTeam have for katana swordplay you ask?  Stay tuned to our site to find out!

In summary, and for those who think the above was ‘tl;dr’, Too Many Games was a great show and thank you to everyone who made it happen and who took an interest in our company.  We look forward to many more events with you all in the future.

-The SmugBee Team